Violation of the Treaty of Hudaybiya | Part- 6

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22 months had passed since the agreement of Hudaybiya, and the Makkans had kept to their side of the bargain until the incident in the month of Shaban. One day, the Prophet had a vision that they would enter the Holy Mosque of Ka’ba in safety with their heads shaven or trimmed and without fear. In the morning, the terrible news reached the Prophet that Banu Bakr, allied to the Quraysh, attacked Banu Khuda’a, allied to the Muslims and killed twenty-three people, most of them women, elderly, and children. The Quraysh regretted what they had done and they knew it was a clear violation of the Hudaybiya Agreement.

After listening to Amr ibn Salim from the Khuda’a tribe, the Prophet said:

“Now I will send Damra to Makka and I will ask them about this incident and give them three options to choose from.”

Although the Quraysh denied committing this despicable crime, they were still worried and trying to find a way out of this situation. Abu Sufyan, the Makkan leader said

“I have not been consulted on this matter, I did not know about it, and I did not authorize such attack. I swear by Allah that if my feelings are not misleading me Muhammad will surely declare war on us. I do not see any option other than going to Muhammad and asking him to renew and extend the agreement.”

Abu Sufyan came to the presence of the Prophet and said:

“O Muhammad, I was not present at the Hudaybiya Agreement, now come and renew that agreement and extend its period.”

The Prophet asked:

“Is that really why you have come here, O Abu Sufyan or is it that you have done something wrong before this?”

“Heaven forbid,”

said Abu Sufyan,

“We still abide by the agreement we have signed at Hudaybiya—we will not change it or violate it.”

He kept talking about the Hudaybiya Agreement, yet did not want to mention anything regarding what they had done to the people of Khuda’a.

That day Abu Sufyan went to all the leading Muslims in Madina, but was not able to convince any of them. All the doors were closed on Abu Sufyan. There was nothing he could do except to return to Makka empty-handed.


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