Quran Definition – Muslim Beliefs – Divine Books

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Quran Definition – Muslim Beliefs – Divine Books

In this part we will be talking about, under the title of belief in the Holy Text, Belief in Quran. What does it really mean for the followers of Islam ?

So, if we have o define the Quran, it literally means the thing ranged, collected or established in the heart and recited. As a term, I am going to use the definition of Ali Unal. He says,

“The Quran is the name of God’s miraculous, inimitable word which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), written down and transmitted to succeeding generations by many reliable challenges, which we will be talking about in the preservation of the Quran, which collects and contains the food of all previous Scriptures, and knowledge and whose recitation is an act of worship and obligatory in daily prayers.

So there are many definitions given according to, I mean, to describe what Quran is. I am going to use couple of definitons from Bediuzzaman Said Nursi of Turkey who is one of the greatest scholars in 20th century. According to him, Quran is an eternal translation of the great book of the universe and ever last a translator of human life in this life and hereafter. So there is a book of this universe, and there is actual Book of Quran. The actual Book of Quran is the explanation, is the translation, is the interpretation of the Divine Revelation, which is also a Divine Revelation, the universal book and another book which is human being. The Quran is the interpreter of Books of the visible, of the material world and of the invisible and unseen world meaning that it talks about heaven, it talks about hell, it talks about angels, the thing that are really unseen to us.

Quran is the discoverer of the immaterial treasures of the Divine names hidden in this world and also heavens. As you know, according to Islam, God has, Allah jalla jalaluhu has many names. We see the manifestation of the Names in the creation. Quran is the Book that describes the manifestation of the Names of Allah j.j. in the universe and also inside us, in the visible and invisible worlds.

Quran is the sun of the spiritual and intellectual world of Islam and its foundation and plan. Quran is the secret map of the worlds of the hereafter. So Quran is a book of prayer, Quran is a book of wisdom, Quran is a book of worship and servant hood, and Quran is a commandment and invitation, a book of invocation, a book of reflection, and we can add many more things to the definition of Quran.

So let me try to clarify what I mean with an example. The life that we are living in this world is very interesting. The tradition of habituation, meaning our accustoming to everything around us becomes kind of a veil before our eyes, before the reality and us as human being. We consider the creation existed by itself and we don’t need the feel of unveiling the realities. I’m going to ask you to imagine yourself in the middle of an island, deserted island by yourself. You are waking up one day, and of course you do have the conscious that you have right now. You have the mental capacity and spiritual capacity. But you do not remember anything but anything at all. Even you are supposed to eat bread, drink water, and your name, and you’re supposed to have a family. You’re just there like a newborn baby. Imagine yourself waking up one day in the middle of an island by yourself. What would you think? And you do not know why you are there. You do not know who you are. You are trying to figure out yourself by looking at your hand and you do not know what to do with your hand. You do not know what hunger is. If you are hungry, if you feel the need of being hungry and you do not know what to eat. You do not know who you are. You do not know where you came from. You do not know what’s going to happen next. Even the sunset is a new surprise for you. Even the sunrise is a surprise for you. Everything around you is new and you do not know what to do with it. How do you decide what to do? What to eat? Where to go? There will be plenty of questions in your mind, in people’s minds struggling for an answer. One day, you find a book along with a messenger. Someone comes to you and tell you

“Here is a book; there is a guide for you. I am the teacher of that book. This is who you are and this is what you eat. This is what you cannot eat. This is what you do and this is what is going to happen to you eventually”.

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