History of Islam – Reconstruction of the Kaaba at the time of Prophet Muhammad – Part 12

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History of Islam – Pre-revelation: Divine Protection of Prophet Muhammad

The topic of this video is the Reconstruction of the Ka’ba,which happened 5 years before the beginning of the Divine Revelation

So Here is the story: the people in Mecca had decided to renovate the Ka’ba, because the inside of the Ka’ba was damaged because of several floods in Mecca; and the walls of the Ka’ba were cracked. Also, they wanted to add a roof to it, because it did not have a roof.

On the other side, the Meccans heard that there was a ship wrecked on the shores of Jeddah. And This ship was carrying constructing materials! They went to the wreckage and bought the construction materials in the ship. They decided to demolish the Ka’ba first and then re-build it together. And Each tribe wanted to be involved in this honorable job; for that reason, the tribes were divided into four groups and each group was given to renovate a certain wall. Then The groups began to work.

So, The people in Mecca had re-built the walls of the Ka’ba, and it became stronger than before. Then it was the time to place inside, Hajar al-Aswad, the Black Stone which was considered very sacred by people.

  • So Why is it sacred? Islamic narrations:

When P. Ibrahim completed the building of the Ka’ba, he needed a stone as a beginning point for the pilgrims when they circumambulate the Ka’ba. He assigned his son Ismael to bring a stone for that purpose.

While Ismael was looking for a stone, Angel Jibril brought that stone from the Mount Abu Kubays (which is a small mountain close to the Ka’ba) to P. Ibrahim, to place in the Ka’ba.

More importantly, That stone is believed to be sent from heaven by Allah, when Adam was sent to the earth from heaven. So It was believed that the stone was preserved at the Mount Abu Kubays until P.Ib needed it when he built the Ka’ba.

P.M said that when this stone came down from Paradise, it was whiter than milk; however, the sins and mistakes of mankind turned it black.” Some other narrations say that “it has turned black over the years because of the touching of the polytheists and the fires.

As a result, Because of the sacredness of this black stone, each tribe wanted to place it back into the Kaba by themselves. And They began arguing with each other.

Then, the eldest man of them had an idea. He said: that they should appoint a judge among them, and end this dispute. He said: Let the first man, who enters the door of the Ka’ba be that judge for you. And let him solve your problem, and do what he says!”

They said: “Okay, we will obey his judgment!” Then they waited for the first person to enter through the doors. After a silent wait, the first person entering through the doors of the Ka’ba was Muhammad, pbuh! They all said: “Look! Al Amin, The Trustworthy! We will agree on his judgment!”

People in Mecca would call Muhammad “Al Amin”, the Trustworthy, because he was known as “the most reliable person” in the community. PM already got their trust, so they were happy when they saw him. Because, they had no doubt that he would be fair in his judgment.

So, Muhammad, pbuh, asked them what was going on; And the people explained him what they were dealing with.

To solve the conflict, PM asked them to bring a big piece of cloth. They brought the cloth. He laid the cloth on the ground; carried the black stone with his own hands, and placed it on the cloth.

He said:

“Each representative of the 4 groups, who built one side of the Ka’ba, should come forward.”

When they came forward, he said:

“Each of you hold a side of the cloth on behalf of his tribe and then lift it up altogether.”

They did what he said and they brought the stone to the level of its original place in the Ka’ba, then P.M took it with his hands, and put it in its place. So, the problem was solved without any conflict.

No one could say anything against it, Because, each tribe had participated in the work, with their representatives.

  • If we look at this incident from a different point of view, I think we can see the Divine Will
  • We may say that probably Allah wanted ‘him’ to place that sacred stone, like He wanted His prophets Adam and Ibrahim to build the Ka’ba.
  • Also, maybe Allah wanted the Meccans to confirm P.M’s right decision and fairness before he announced his prophethood.

Only God knows….(silence)

Let’s talk little bit about his trustworthiness:

As Allah chose Muh.pbuh, as His messenger to all humanity; he should be al- Amin The Trustworthy” because, he would contact the Divine and deliver His messages to the people. So, ‘There should not be any lie, in this divine duty.!’

  • The fact is that ‘Everyone’ in his community agreed upon his No one had ever heard him lie; because, he never lied, nor cheated, nor broke his word.
  • He was called “the Truthful” even by his worst enemies, like Abu Jahil, or Utba.
  • These People would say: “If you have to travel, and need someone to look after your wife, entrust her to Muhammad without hesitation, for he will not even glance at her face.
  • If you want to entrust your wealth for protection, entrust it to this honest man, for he will never touch it.
  • Therefore, when P.M became God’s Messenger, Meccans could not accuse him of lying; because they knew him very well since his childhood, as he grew up among them.
  • For this reason, the unbelievers could only accuse him of being possessed, being a poet, a magician, or so.
  • One day, a man asked Abu Jahil, one of the worst enemies of the Prophet, if he believed in M. or not. Abu Jahil answered: “I know that he is truly a prophet. Nevertheless, we compete with the Bani Hashim in everything (and Bani Hashim means The sons of Hashim, which is the clan of PM). They have been boasting of providing food and water to the pilgrims. Now if they begin to boast of having a prophet, I won’t be able to endure it at all.”

This is only one example of why some people did not accept Islam although they confessed that he was telling the truth.

  • Also, when some non-Muslims came to visit P.M for the first time, after they looked at his face, and listened to his speech, they would say: “Such a face cannot lie!” and then, they would declare their belief in him. (W)
  • To conclude, P.M, pbuh, was testified by all men, women of his community, to be the most reliable and trustworthy person on earth  (silence)
  • Now we are ending the history of the early life of P.M here, peace be upon him.
  • I hope you enjoyed the videos. Thank you for watching….Stay in peace..
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