History of Islam – Meeting of Prophet Muhammad & Khadija – Part 10

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History of Islam – Meeting of Prophet Muhammad & Khadija

In this video, I will talk about how Prophet Muhammad and his first wife Khadija met each other.

  • As I mentioned earlier, P.M would sometimes join trading caravans which travel outside of Mecca; and by this way, he gained some experiences in this field.
  • Let’s talk about how he was in business?
  • First of all, he was honest and just in his business relations; and this was heard in Mecca within a short time. Of course, People, who wanted to do business, were looking for honest persons, with whom they could give their capital and share the profit.

P.M was employed by some of these people to conduct their business; and each time, he completed his work successfully. As a result, the business owners were satisfied with what he did. One day, Abu Talib saw that there was a trading caravan in Mecca which was ready to set off for Damascus. And a busineswoman named Khadija, would participate this caravan with her trading goods, too.

Abu Talib went to Khadija and offered his nephew to be her business partner in this trade. Khadija did not hesitate to accept this offer.

Both sides agreed on this, and then the caravan set off from Mecca. Khadija sent her slave Maysara with P.M to take care of his business partner, help him and watch him during the journey.

The journey took 3 monthsWhen the caravan arrived in Damascus, they stopped at Busra, near the same monastery that prophet Muhammad had visited as a child. The monk Bahira had passed away by this time, and now there was the monk Nastura at his place.(W) P.M sat down under an olive tree and, it took the monk’s attention.

He called Maysara and asked:

Who is this man sitting under that tree?”

Maysara answered:

“It is one of our men in Mecca”.

The monk said:

No one else sat under this tree, in the past, other than the prophets!”

Again he asked: “Does he have a redness in his eyes?” Maysara answered: “Yes he does”. Then the monk Nastura was sure about his thoughts, and he declared:

“This man is the last prophet, that we knew his coming, in the scriptures!”

Maysara was astonished and also happy hearing this.

Then the caravan arrived in the market place in Damascus and the trading began.

  • P.M sold his wares with a very good profit, and also he bought some trading goods from there.

Now it was the time to return to Mecca. It was a very hot day. When the caravan was moving on their way, Maysara realized that there were two clouds above PM! It was surprising to see these clouds on such a hot day.  

Then The clouds followed him wherever he went, and stopped whenever he stopped. Maysara realized stg. special about this person. And, he began to admire him during this journey. When they reached Mecca, it was the hottest time of the day. Khadija had heard about the caravan’s arrival; and she climbed up a hill to watch them. She saw the same clouds protecting P.M from the sun!

When the caravan arrived in MeccaP. M went to Khadija’s house. He informed her how much he gained from the trade and he delivered the trading goods he bought in Damascus to her.

Then, Maysara, reported to Khadija what he experienced during the journey with P. M. He first said that he did not feel any injustice or discomfort throughout the trip. He mentioned how P. M was just and reliable in all his affairs during this trip. He told that he enjoyed his company during the travel.

He also mentioned all of the incidents that he found extraordinary during the journey, like the conversation with the monk Nastura, and the clouds protecting him, and some others.

After Hearing this, Khadija went to her uncle’s son, Waraqa, who was a Christian scholar. Because, she wanted to share what she just heard with him and take his advice.

After listening to Khadija, Waraqa said:

If what you just told is true, Muhammad is the prophet of this community. I was expecting a prophet within this community for a long time, and this time is the exact time of his coming.”

Then Khadija began to think that Muhammad, pbuh, might really be the prophet that everybody expected.

  • And She was excited, too, like Waraqa. J In our next video, I am going to mention about the marriage of the Prophet with Khadija.

See you next time.

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