Belief in the Afterlife – 1

Published on November 11, 2015 by admin

Belief in the Afterlife

In this brief presentation, I will elaborate on one of the articles of faith in Islam. We have six articles of faith. But today, I will focus only on one of them. And that is to believe that there is life after death. That people are here on earth as a test and when the time comes people die and in the afterlife all people will be resurrected and not only resurrected, they will be accountable for their actions on earth. In Islam, it is important to mention that not only good people will be resurrected, but all people, good and bad, will be resurrected and will accountable for their actions.

This concept of the afterlife and the resurrection of all human beings is one of the most frequently mentioned theme in the Qur’an. In fact we can say that one-third of the Quran is about the life after death. So it is so significant that the Quran dedicates one-third of it to this concept, this concept of afterlife. It is believed that since the Qur’an is the final message of God, it has become necessary to speak about the final moment of human history and life after death. It becomes the mission of Quran. Because the Quran is a final message so the final moment of human history is part of its message and part of its mission to elaborate and to give details about it. Every human has a specific life span and eventually dies. All human beings eventually will die. Now when we think of the life of human beings, today the life of people generally may differ according to the countries but there is a general life expectancy on earth. Perhaps the highest would be around 78-80 years. But eventually people die. So what is death? What is going on? Basically Islam says, when people die, they are not dying forever. They are actually going to another place. And that’s what’s called the afterlife. The Qur’anic verse speaks of the easiness of this event for God. Yes it is a big event, but for God it is really very easy. A verse in the Quran says

“Your creation and resurrection for God is as easy as the creation and resurrection of one human being.”

So this Quranic verse clearly states that the resurrection of all human beings and bringing them to justice and to accountability in the afterlife is as easy as to bring one human being to the Day of Judgement. Because of the actions of God happen through Divine command, the command of “Be” in the Quran, when God wants something to happen, according to the Quranic teaching, God only says “Be” and it happens. So God does not need physical involvement. Go commands and it happens. And therefore, because it is a command from God, there is no difficulty for God. There is no such a thing that is difficult. That’s why we have a very prominent verse in the Quran, that I think it’s also in the Bible, that with God everything is possible or the Quran says God is powerful over everything. Therefore bringing of the afterlife for God is very easy according to the Quran.

In fact one Qur’anic verse says

“As life is a gift for human beings, death also is a gift.”

Apparently, it sounds like contradictory how death can be a gift. This is something that people are afraid of, and the people don’t like it. And the Quran says it’s also a gift for human beings. Islamic scholars have interpreted this Quranic verse. And they say that if there is no death, the world will not be able to accommodate all of the human beings.

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