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Belief in the Resurrection and the Afterlife

Islam, as all Abrahamic religions, teaches of life after death. The Qur’an declares that we were sent to Earth for a reason, to know and worship God-Almighty, and it implores of us to live accordingly. God-Almighty knows our every thought and is aware of all we do. One who lives their life in full awareness of this reality will find peace and serenity in both worlds. “Whatever your preoccupation, and what discourse from Him in this Qur’an you may be reciting, and whatever work you may be doing, We are certainly witness over you while you are engaged in it. Not an atom’s weight of whatever there is in the earth or in the heaven escapes your Lord, nor is there anything smaller that that, or greater, but it is recorded in a Manifest Book.” (10:61) (1)

The Benefits of Belief in the Resurrection and Afterlife

Peaceful social order, justice, security, dealing with sickness, old age, losing a loved one, explaining death to children, etc…are all examples of what one can gain from holding a firm belief in the afterlife. Since this is merely a temporary life, belief in the Resurrection and the afterlife, gives humanity a bridge of hope that guides us from this world to the next. When one gains a firm belief in this concept, daily infractions, that may topple some, become part of a much larger picture that leads to peace and contentment because they know that any misfortune that befalls them will purify them and return to them as a blessing in the afterlife.

Said Nursi states “Is it at all possible that the Glorious Possessor of all Dominion in this impermanent hospice of the world, in this transient place of testing, in this unstable showplace of the earth so manifest is a wisdom, so evident is grace, so overwhelming a justice, so comprehensive a mercy, – is it at all possible that in His realm, in the worlds of the outer and inner dimensions of things, there should not exist permanent abodes with eternal inhabitants, everlasting stations with immortal residents, and that as a result all the truths of wisdom, grace, mercy, and justice that we now see should decline into nothingness” (2)

When God-Almighty has chosen us, created us as a mirror to Himself, and allowed us to receive direct and universal knowledge of Him, then allow us to know and become acquainted with His Love and Mercy, would He not then invite us to return to the abode of eternal bliss?

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) made sure his companions knew what Hell was, but instilled a great desire for Heaven by describing its good tidings. Because of this, the society transformed into one of extreme consciousness and sensitivity to not only religious obligations, but social and ethical obligations as well.

Belief in the Resurrection also reminds people of the obligation they hold to society and their families. Suddenly, the way in which a person takes care of their children, their elderly parents, siblings, and neighbors becomes a remediating atmosphere and respect and encouragement that quickly spreads to those around them.

Justice and Belief in the Resurrection and the Afterlife

The Qur’an tells us “whosoever does an atoms weight worth of good shall see it, and whosoever does an atoms weight of evil shall see it (99: 7-8). (1)

Wrongs may appear to go unnoticed in this world, but an individual with strong belief in the afterlife, knows that just as the angels are writing our deeds, God-Almighty knows our every action and is Most-Balanced Judge. We will be tested and judged according to our actions on Earth. The concept of justice completely changes for the one who holds firm their belief in God-Almighty. Once entered into a believer’s heart, belief in the Resurrection and Afterlife become a source of hope, not source of doom and despair.

“O you who believe! Be upholders and standard-bearers of right for God’s sake, being witnesses for (the establishment of) absolute justice…Seek righteousness and piety, and always act in reverence for God. Surely God is fully aware of all that you do.” (5:8) (1)

“O God, I desire the eternal company in the eternal world.”

-Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

All humans will certainly die. However, with faith in the Resurrection and Afterlife, the believer begins to think, “Yes, I will die, but I am going to a place where pain and hurt will no longer afflict me. I am going to a place where my youth and health will return, eternally.” This should be the company one desires, the one of completely restored justice.

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